Paying your car insurance rates fully on a timely basis qualifies you for an expected level of coverage if your property (car, home, etc.) is ever damaged. The cheapest insurance may not offer the most comprehensive coverage, though. If you have been denied coverage for a claim you have filed, there are some steps you can take to contest the denial.

Request Specific Reasons from the Insurance Company

The first thing to do when your insurance company denies a claim is to request the denial in writing. Many times, an insurance company will send you a denial with vague language that does not explicitly outline the terms of the denial. Even if you own the cheapest insurance, you are entitled to specific reasons for denial of coverage. Make sure the denial is delivered in written form and not just verbally.

Carefully Consult Your Coverage Paperwork

The contract that you sign with your insurance agency allows you to receive a specific type of coverage for an agreed upon level of car insurance rates. You should have been given a policy outline that clearly states what is covered by your policy. Before you begin to fight the denial of coverage, make sure that the coverage you are requesting is included in your policy. It is possible that your request is for something that falls between the cracks of the stated policy and the insurance company is not responsible for accepting your claim.

Collect Written Information Regarding the Claim

Keep every scrap of paper that refers to anything involving the incident you are filing a claim for. Every piece of information you can present during your argument will help you prove that your case is valid. If you only have word of mouth, it will be very difficult to support your side of the claim. An insurance company does not have to comply with your claim request if you cannot prove that they are liable when they say that they are not. All documentation, no matter how trivial, is evidence that you may be able to use.

Hire an Attorney

If you believe that your denial of coverage was unwarranted, one of the best things you can do is to hire an attorney who has experience with insurance. The attorney will be able to guide you in how to proceed against the insurance agency to recover what is due to you. The attorney will also advise you on what the best points of your argument are and which parts of the argument you should abandon. Your fight will be more efficient and more focused if you hire someone who understands the legal aspects of insurance coverage to help you with your case.

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