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Abuse and neglect in nursing homes is unfortunately too commonplace.  Nationwide, the amount of abuse and neglect cases in nursing homes are rising. The type of neglect and abuse found in Atlanta, Georgia and around the U.S. can manifest itself in many forms, mainly through either visible or mental channels. A nursing home abuse attorney can best help an individual understand the circumstances of the case at hand.

No matter the type of neglect or abuse found in nursing homes, it is important that action is taken to bring charges against the negligent party. In order for this to happen, people need to be aware of the symptoms of this kind of abuse. Federal nursing home regulations provide that the resident has the right to be free from verbal, sexual, physical, and mental abuse, corporal punishment and involuntary seclusion.

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Signs of Abuse or Neglect

  • Bedsores (also called “pressure sores”)
  • Unexplained cuts, exposed lacerations, or excessive bruising
  • Personal items stolen or broken
  • Bruises that indicate the resident was improperly restrained
  • Sudden, severe weight loss
  • Dehydration
  • Infections
  • Malnutrition
  • Jaundice or unusually pale skin
  • Poor health and unsanitary living conditions
  • Infestation of the resident’s room or the facility
  • Other unattended health problems

Beyond these common signs of abuse, an individual can suffer financially. This can include the taking of bank account information, or the taking of personal jewelry or belongings. However, for the most part, nursing home abuse generally refers to neglect. This is evident when a patient is not fed properly, not cleaned, not turned, or not given enough nourishment or water which can lead to a physical breakdown.

Further, there are sexual abuse cases. Fortunately, these are fairly rare but they do occur. No matter the type of abuse that is alleged to have happened, a knowledgeable nursing home abuse lawyer can assist in preparing a strong defense to help maximize any potential damages.

Documenting Potential EvidenceIf an individual believes that someone they love has been the victim of nursing home negligence, they should immediately bring their concerns to the attention of the nursing home administrator and staff. If possible, an individual should take photographs of any bruises, injuries, or signs of inadequate care. This will help an individual explain their concerns to the administration or others from whom they seek help.

Recoverable DamagesIn general, an individual can recover both economic and noneconomic damages in a nursing home abuse case. Economic damages will be recovered for things like medical bills, physical therapy, and whatever else the resident will need to get well again. An individual can recover lost wages, but generally there are no lost wages in nursing home cases unless somebody was just staying there temporarily.

In terms of noneconomic damages, an individual can recover on the terms of pain and suffering, and any emotional damages suffered by the resident. Additionally, an individual can recover punitive damages if the actions of the nursing home are reckless, egregious or criminal. An Atlanta, Georgia nursing home abuse lawyer will be able to determine the type of damages that can be recovered and how to legally proceed with obtaining said rewards.

Benefits of an AttorneyIf an individual has found themselves in a situation where they believe their loved one is suffering from nursing home abuse, they should reach out to an Atlanta, Georgia nursing home abuse attorney immediately. It is important that an individual does not ignore the problems and hope they will just be corrected on their own.

An experienced Atlanta, Georgia nursing home abuse attorney will be able to mount a solid defense on your behalf. A seasoned lawyer will gather all the necessary information, and work tirelessly to properly represent you in a court of law. An individual should never let their loved ones suffer at the hands of another, and should enlist the assistance of a knowledgeable nursing home abuse lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia immediately.

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